2009 final start

pictured above is the start of the 2009 FREE 5K Run / Walk for HIVers, Cancer Survivors & Friends

FREE 5K Run / Walk for HIVers, Cancer Survivors & Friends, Oceanside, New York, October 27, 2013 plus…

$45 in toiletry / gift items for people living with HIV or cancer plus many other prizes and surprises. For now, the Event is limited to 150 people unless we find major sponsors. Stand-up comedian Larry Shaw, great breakfast, $2,000+ in lottery prizes, FREE personalized Event t-shirt if you sign up by October 15, and a visit from Ronald McDonald are a few of the amenities of the 5K Event. To provide privacy about the participant’s health, everyone will receive the toiletry /gift items. To register, click on the following link (no plans for 2015 Event at this time) and print a copy: 5K FREE Run Walk Application for October 28, 2012 Event. If you are healthy it would be great if you could find someone living with HIV or cancer to participate as well.

WHY A FREE RUNNING EVENT?  I’m HIV-positive for 15+ years and a brain cancer survivor for 10+ years and a marathon runner for life. I’m convinced that running marathons, the camaraderie of running in local 5K Events, leading a healthy lifestyle, and being married to Jodi—my loving, supportive, marathon-running wife, has saved my life. The Foundation’s goal is to encourage people living with HIV and cancer to run or walk so they can live healthy, productive lives.

You can also help by requesting friends or relatives to help sponsor your walk / run by bringing your donations to the FREE Event on October 27. We hope to get a lot of

– people living with HIV or cancer and their friends and relatives– club members of High School AIDS Awareness Clubs and their faculty advisers

– runners and walkers who have participated in previous Events sponsored by the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation

– supporters of people living with HIV or cancer

– To read more about the global work the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation is involved with, the website, shows photos of the annual World AIDS Marathon in Kisumu, Kenya on World AIDS Day and its charitable work in Africa. To learn more about the annual 5K AIDS / Cancer Run / Walk in America which is held every May or June, visit the other links on this website. Says Jodi Brodsky, Richard’s wife, “it’s a great day when communities, businesses and individuals can come out and be supportive of people living with HIV and cancer. We’ve come a long way. I remember when Richard was first diagnosed with HIV and we were fearful that the community would ostracize Richard for disclosing his HIV-status. While the stigma of AIDS is still there, it is very comforting to know there were 320 walkers and runners supporting Richard and the work his Foundation does.”

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  1. Hi i’m not hiv+ and i don.t have cancer but iwould like participe and a bery important event please letme know if i can joint with you in 5k run thanks

  2. I would like to participate in the run on March 21st, I’m not in the best shape because I just started my training but I would love to be there supporting you Rich and Jodi.

  3. I think your name is familiar. I too am a brain cancer survivor and I am organizing a walkyourdogathon for MAy 8th in bayside and another walkathon possible for point lookout the 3rd weekend in May. I spoke to the chairperson today and she told me about you and I asked her to give you my number. hope you contact me .

  4. hello I am HIV+ and I honestly thought I would be dead by now and thank God I am not.I work in the field of HIV/AIDS case management as a community follow-up worker and advocate(I now know what my calling is).I am gong to participate in this event and I need to know the start and end location of this event.Thanks..c u @ the event

    Hi Junaita, thanks for being a fellow AIDS advocate. You can click on the link to register for the 5K Event in the 5th paragraph above as this should answer your questions. Please register by October 10 so your name will be on the Event t-shirt.

  5. I ran in the 5K today with my son at Cedar Creek Park. It was tremendous! From Richard Brodsky, HIV+ and a brain cancer survivor, with his wife at his side — who could be a better inspiration for us. The response to the 5K was great, the support and encouragement unmatched. We finished the 5K and left flying high on encouragement and hope. I know my battle with cancer will be won knowing the love and support that is out there. Thank you to the Brodskys!

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