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Thank you for visiting the 5K AIDS / Cancer Run / Walk website. I hope you found it informative and have come to realize that this 5K run/walk is not just another run/walk; it’s truly a chance to help people living with HIV and cancer on Long Island. If this event is a successful fundraiser and people take advantage of the free medical testing, then more of these events can happen. I personally feel extremely grateful that I am feeling strong and healthy enough to run marathons and can make something positive out of a negative situation. So before you give your annual donation to a very large charity, think about it, next year you won’t find me being President of another Foundation. I feel so strongly about what I am doing I will travel anywhere to run a marathon if I can raise money for people whose lives have been affected by AIDS or cancer. My marathon schedule for 2016 is Miami, Jerusalem, Hartford and the World AIDS Marathon in Kisumu, Kenya. Four of my last six marathons have been my fastest since being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2002.

10th annual 5K AIDS Cancer Run Walk, Sponsorship Package

Hartford2014photo, courtesy of

pictured above, Hartford: I was hoping to run a sub-4 hour marathon again by the time I turned 65. On October 11, 2014, I finished the Hartford Marathon in 03:59:56. This was my fastest marathon since my terminal brain cancer diagnosis, back in 2002. Proof positive that people, even those living with HIV and cancer can reverse their aging process, even for just a decade or two if they lead a healthy lifestyle and have access to doctors and medicine. Pictured below, Kisumu, Kenya, World AIDS Day, December 1, 2014, I ran my fastest World AIDS Marathon since 2004. I finished the marathon in a time of 4:32:23. The 32 minute difference between Hartford and Kisumu is because of the high altitude in Kisumu, rough terrain, temperatures in the range of 80 degrees, and much of the course is run on crowded narrow roads while breathing in the exhaust from the vehicles.

Richard finishing 2014 WAM(2)On January 25, 2015 Jodi and I both ran our fastest Miami Marathons and we have been running the Miami Marathon since 2006. Our times were 4:12:12 and 4:23:34. The reason my faster time in Hartford are twofold: Miami is hotter and there are no local races on Long Island in January to keep me at my peak level. Running marathons is not so tough especially when you get to run with the one you love.

Miami2015RichardJodi (2)Getting to run a sub-4 hour marathon took me 26 marathons to complete since I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. You whittle away your finish time by as little as 12 seconds.

HEAVEN ON EARTH, Richard Brodsky completing the January 29, 2012 ING Miami Marathon in his fastest time since being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2002.  Photo: courtesy of Marathon Foto. On March 25, 2012, I ran my fastest marathon again in Cape May, New Jersey. Counting the October 15, 2011 ING Marathon, that made three marathons on American soil in a row where I had run my fastest marathons since my cancer diagnosis.

Says Richard in 2013 ‘I believe that people can turn back their aging process, even those living with HIV and cancer. My goal is to raise money and awareness for AIDS and cancer projects as I hope to cut one minute +/- off my next 25 marathons so by age 65 I can run a sub 4 hour marathon again.  If I succeed, I hope to be one of many who can help convince government and society that just because people are living with life-threatening illnesses we can still live healthy productive lives if we have access to medicine and doctors at prices that are affordable.’ Back to the present (Feb. 2015)… a lot of people were saying, is this guy crazy… how can a guy living with HIV and cancer run faster as he gets older. This is something I have been working very hard to achieve. So please do not give up if YOU are living with HIV or cancer.


donating toiletry/gift items to Don Monti Cancer Center at North Shore University Hospital

Through your generosity and participation in the 5K AIDS / Cancer Run / Walks since 2008 the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation has been able to donate $183,000 in cash, toys, toiletry /gift items and clothing to the following organizations:

  • Angels on the Bay
  • Center of AIDS Research& Treatment at North Shore University Hospital
  • Circulo de la Hispanidad
  • Client Advisory Board at Center of AIDS Research & Treatment at North Shore University Hospital
  • Cohen Children’s Medical Center of NY
  • Congregation Sons of Israel
  • Don Monti Cancer Center at North Shore University Hospital
  • Five Towns Community Center + its AIDS Service Program
  • Five Towns Early Learning Center
  • Hispanic Counseling Center
  • John Theissen Children’s Foundation
  • Kiwanis Club of the Five Towns
  • Living Hope Fellowship of Massapequa
  • Long Island Association for AIDS Care
  • Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition
  • Long Island Minority AIDS Coalition
  • Nassau University Medical Center
  • Options for Community Living
  • Planned Parenthood of Nassau County
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • South Nassau Communities Hospital
  • St. Joachim’s
  • St. John’s Episcopal Hospital
  • Stony Brook Children’s Hospital
  • Suffolk County Perinatal Coalition
  • Thursday’s Child
  • Winthrop Pediatric Associates
  • Wyandanch High School

and sponsor five free 5K run walks for people living with HIV, cancer and their friends.


For all donations noted below, you will also be entitled to gifts noted for smaller donations. For a donation of

$25, your name will appear on the Event banner, certificate of completion which all runners receive, and a certificate of appreciation depicting the 5K Event. The Certificate of Appreciation will be mailed to you.

$50, you will receive the 40 page book, “Richard Brodsky’s Journey of Hope”

$100, your name will appear on the Event t-shirt if received before May 24 and you will receive a shirt

$150, your logo and website or phone number on the shirt + 2 shirts for you.

$200, your website will be linked to homepage of this website + 5,000 race brochures

$250, Your logo will appear on Event banner.

$4,500,  thank you for donating 500 – 550 premium dryfit Event t-shirts

If you would like to make a donation to the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, you may do so by…
  1. Making a check payable to the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation and mailing it to the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation,1247 Mara Court,Atlantic Beach, NY 11509 or donate online.

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  1. Richard;

    God Bless both you and Jodi and all those involved in this event. I pray for a great time to be had by all, and saftey as well.

    Have a great run/walk.

    Kathi Evans
    Foster mom to a child with AIDS

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